Supported Living Accommodation In Croydon

Providing a Safe, Nurturing and Supportive Space for Young People and Adults

At Myrtle Healthcare we know that finding the right care and support for your needs can be tricky, especially when you want to maintain your independence. That is why our supported living options are designed around what is important to you.

Young people and adults are at the forefront of our care. Every one of our staff is dedicated to making a positive difference to every young person and adult's life. We achieve this by employing experienced and compassionate staff who use a therapeutic and nurturing approach when caring for young people and adults.

Many of the young people we work with have difficult backgrounds and the risk of disengagement is high. However, we engage with every individual and seek to build a rapport, never falling back on seniority or age.


Why Supported Living

Supported living offers an alternative to residential care and empowers you to choose the right amount of support – how and when you need it – so you can lead an enriching and fulfilling life.

Myrtle Healthcare supported living is based on positive outcomes and with a team of over 10 years of expertise working in environments that focus on promoting and encouraging the people we support, independence and functioning.

The type of support you receive is controlled by you and with our staff, you will develop a personalised support plan based on your interests, priorities, and skills. From help with personal care needs and managing finances, to finding education, work, or leisure activities which you get to decide.

Our Supported living accommodation in Greenwich




What We Do

Housing Support

We offer modern and comfortable housing facilities in the London area. We provide an environment where young people and adults can develop skills, make friends and prepare for independent living. We can also offer additional support for young people with challenging behaviours, learning disabilities or mental health conditions.

Counselling and Therapy

Our counselling support and therapy provides young people and adults with the help they need to overcome a range of difficult circumstances. We help them develop self-confidence and give them the tools they need to grow.

Lifelong Support

We continue to provide young people with help and support even when they transition into adulthood. We stay in close contact with clients and give them everything they need as they move into independent living.



For further information about our supported living or home care services please contact us at Myrtle Healthcare.

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Supported Living Models


Supported Housing/Shared Living

Our supported housing or shared living service provides support for usually between 1 and 4 people, though larger services do exist. The level of support can vary from few hours a week to 24-hour support.

We provide a range of options for young people and/or adults with intellectual disabilities to be supported in their own home with a tenancy by a qualified contracted provider. The objective is to provide a warm and supportive home, with the opportunity for individuals to live a more independent life and become part of a community.

Our clients benefit from individually structured therapeutic programmes focusing on increasing autonomy the view to move on into lesser supported environments.

Supported living housing in Greenwich


Core and Cluster home supported living in Greenwich


Core and Cluster Supported Housing

Our core and cluster supported housing is a service offered to individuals in their own self-contained property with support provided onsite by our fully trained and qualified carers/support workers. Our clients benefit from

  • Increased independence and better outcomes for service users.
  • Greater flexibility of support provision.
  • Improved social networks for service users and reduced risk of isolation.
  • Increased security for service users and peace of mind for families.
  • More efficient use of support provision.


Semi independent supported living in Greenwich

Semi-Independent Living

Our semi-independent living service provides self-contained accommodation to clients stepping down from our supported living services or other residential care type settings. They comprise self-contained studio flats with 24/7 support on-site. Clients will have individually tailored packages of care which can be supplemented by additional outreach support where required.

Enhanced supported living in Greenwich

Enhanced Supported Living

Our enhanced supported living service provides support to clients who have had long psychiatric stays, may be institutionalised and require a significant level of daily support. These services also support clients who may have a history of offending and significantly higher risks than clients that may reside in a typical supported living setting.

Downs supported living services in Greenwich

Floating Support

Our floating support service provides a pathway for our clients to step down from our 24/7 supported settings into more independent settings with a package of support tailored to their needs.














For further information about our supported living or home care services please contact us at Myrtle Healthcare.

0203 869 2455







Referrals are normally received from commissioners on behalf of a potential client. This normally begins with initial contact and receipt of risk assessments. We will then conduct initial assessments and invite the client to view our accommodation. We undertake follow up assessments and then make a decision on placement.

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For further information about our home care services or supported living in Croydon and the greater London areas,
please contact us at Myrtle Healthcare.

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